GSoC application templateHere you have some key points that you should consider to include in your GSoC application:

  1. What project would you like to work on and why?
  2. Propose an idea of how are you going to develop the project. Please, try to give as much information about this topic in your proposal, for example, milestones, time scheduling, deliverables, etc.
  3. Tell us about your experiences in free software development. Point us to a code sample: something good and clean to demonstrate that you know what you're doing, ideally from an existing project. Please, include your contributions in GitHub, Launchpad, Google Code, etc.
  4. Why do you want to work with P2PSP Project in particular?
  5. Will you be working full-time on the project for the summer, or will you have other commitments too (a second job, classes, etc)?
  6. What is your ideal approach to keeping us informed of your progress, problems, and questions over the course of the project?
  7. How can we contact you to ask you further questions?
  8. What school are you attending? What year are you, and what's your major/degree/focus? If you're part of a research group, which one?