In 2015, we had three students doing excellent work for the Google Summer of Code. One of those students was Max Mertens who worked on a project whose objective was to provide a new feature to the P2PSP protocol: to traverse NATs, as many types as possible. He told us about it in this post. We liked so much the work done by Max that we proposed him to become a mentor for the GSoC 2016. He accepted the challenge, and as we expected, he was a great mentor. After our excellent experience, we invite him to visit us in Almeria (Spain) with the aim of meeting him face-to-face and share our thoughts about the future lines of work.

Max giving his talk about NAT traversal

He accepted our proposal, got on the plane and arrived at Almería on September 30. A very special day because we were celebrating the European Researchers' Night. An event dedicated to popular science and fun learning/teaching. As in previous years, we prepared a P2PSP demo using an IP camera as a source, we explained to the assistants how the protocol works, the advantages over others streaming protocols and how everyone can involve in an open source project.

People were visiting our stand in the European Researchers' Night.*


*Faces have been hidden for privacy reasons