GSoC 2015 Ideas Page

Google summer of code 2015

Welcome to P2PSP Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2015 project ideas page. We will use this page to develop possible project ideas. Please note that anyone who is interested can participate in this process. You do not have to be a GSoC student or mentor to suggest possible project ideas. If you want to suggest an idea, please, send an email with the subject "GSoC 15 Ideas" to info [at] You can also join the team at and subscribe to the mailing list.

Potential mentors: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Leocadio González CasadoVicente González RuizCristóbal Medina LópezJuan Álvaro Muñoz NaranjoJose Juan Sánchez Hernández

The current list of ideas for the GSoC 2015 is:

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P2PSP in the European Researchers' Night

P2PSP in European Researchers' Night

Last September 26th, the P2PSP protocol has been present in the European Researchers Night, a mega event which takes place every year simultaneously in several hundred cities all over Europe and beyond.

For over 5 hours we explained how the P2PSP works, its advantages over others streaming protocols and how everyone can involved in the project. Moreover, we showed a demo of the P2PSP desktop version (available in Launchpad) and we answered all questions related to the protocol. It was a wonderful evening where we all learned a lot from each other.

Thank you all. See you at the next appointment.

Digital Professionals

Last November 18th a meeting of digital professionals was held at University of Almeria, it was an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, the organization and the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities.

During the morning were carried out several talks including "P2PSP: A collaborative protocol for live video streaming". We explained to attendees how the protocol works, some things about free software and how they can get involved in the free software comunity.

P2PSP poster

Luxunda supports the P2PSP

Luxunda: Multimedia Streaming System

Luxunda, a startup highly compromised to the open-source community, has decided to support the P2PSP protocol. For this reason, Luxunda will fund two projects related to the protocol.

The projects are:

All information about these jobs are available in